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Emily's Blog

Emily Evans:
is a 17-year-old girl from Falston, CA. By day, she’s your normal high school student. She likes fashion design and art and being creative. By night, she’s the vigilante Nudge (it’s a work in progress, she swears), so named for her telekinetic abilities. Emily’s best friend is Gabriela Fernandez and the two spend more time talking about Nudge’s activities during class than they do actually paying attention to the curriculum.

Micah Evans:
code name Spook, is a 19-year-old architecture major at Grenadine University. He’s a stock boy at Thompson’s Grocery. Micah enjoys wandering around downtown Falston taking pictures and is the only person in the family with the ability to draw a straight line without a ruler. He also possesses the ability to astrally project himself, though he can only do so for short periods of time as he’s paranoid about losing himself completely.

Sebastien Evans:
Micah’s twin brother and music major at Grenadine University. However, unlike his brother, Sebastien actually has a job he loves, he works at Stoat Records despite the fact that he tried shoplifting from that selfsame store when he was fourteen. As Hoax, Sebastien can temporarily create whatever he wants. These objects only last for 24 hours and after a while, he tends to get bored just making the same thing over and over again.

Dylan Jacobs:
Micah and Sebastien’s roommate and best friend since ever ago. He does detailing at a nearby car dealership and enjoys keeping things neat and tidy to an extent. He is absolutely not touching that pile of dishes that Micah and Sebastien left in the kitchen, though. That’s totally their own mess.

Gabriela Fernandez:
a 16-year-old girl who loves sewing and secrets. It’s part of why she and Emily get on so well. She, like Emily, goes to Depthside High and cannot wait to graduate and go on to university.

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